Barracuda is the security platform
for today’s IT organizations.

We offer cloud-enabled solutions that empower customers to protect their email, networks, applications, and data — regardless of where they reside. Our customer-centric business model is built on the core values of delivering high-value, subscription-based IT security solutions that provide end-to-end multi-layered protection. Our security platform helps customers simplify their IT operations and protects their data, applications, and employees from malicious cyber threats as they adopt new deployment models and move applications, data, and workloads to the cloud.Our business model is built on the core values of speed and agility, which we apply to all aspects of our approach, including our technology innovations, the delivery and deployment of our solutions and responses to customer inquiries. This model has enabled us to be highly scalable in reaching a large number of potential customers. Since inception, we have sold our solutions to more than 150,000 customers located in more than 100 countries.

Our security and storage solutions are connected to our cloud services which enable continuous software updates, offsite redundancy and distributed capacity, and are offered on a subscription basis. Our solutions are delivered as cloud-connected appliances and virtual appliances, as well as cloud-only solutions. Our security solutions are designed to protect and optimize the performance of the most critical points within our customers’ IT infrastructures, including email servers, web applications, data centers and core networks. Our storage solutions are designed to backup and archive business-critical data and make such data accessible for purposes such as compliance, disaster recovery and business intelligence. Our storage solutions also allow users to securely and quickly access, share, synchronize and sign files from Internet-connected devices. Our solutions can be managed centrally in any size or type of deployment through integrated, easy-to-use web interfaces that support configuration, monitoring and reporting.

We design our solutions specifically for IT professionals in resource-constrained environments who seek to benefit from current and emerging trends in information technology such as the rapid growth in cloud computing, adoption of virtualization, proliferation of mobile devices and the associated explosion of data. Our customers work in all types of organizations, from mid-market businesses, governments and educational institutions, to departments or divisions within Fortune 2000 enterprises.

We nurture a culture that delivers value through simplicity to optimize our customers’ experiences. From the design of our solutions to our sales processes, customer support, manufacturing and delivery, we strive to make our solutions easy to purchase, install, maintain and update. We believe that Barracuda has become a highly visible and recognizable brand as a trusted IT partner. We design our solutions to be easy to use and to deploy without the need for special expertise or external support from IT specialists, and also to provide powerful capabilities that can be optimized to meet the requirements of resource-constrained environments. We employ a high-velocity sales model that incorporates a 30-day right to return, real-time order fulfillment and a simple, low-cost entry point to make our customers’ purchase decisions and deployments seamless, easy and efficient. Through our recurring subscription services, we provide our customers with up-to-date features, functionality and real-time security protection, eliminating the need for costly upgrades or additional software purchases. We answer our phones live 24x7x365, and endeavor to treat every customer call with the same high priority. Central to our culture is a focus on the long-term customer experience, including an ongoing dialogue with our customers to enhance our features and solutions. Our development and fulfillment processes rapidly deliver new services and functionality to our customers, enabling them to improve their time to value and return on technology investment through low total cost of ownership, easy integration and accelerated deployment of our security and storage solutions.

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